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The Rusty Spurr Ranch, which vistors come to know and love, is a family owned business. You might be wondering what that means for you as a customer. At our family owned business, we have a level of commitment to our ranch and customers which is rarely found in corporate businesses. We have a deep r...

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The mountains of Colorado showcase the appeal of the state with the open skies and limitless greenery, as well as the fascinating wildlife that makes a common appearance wherever you might live in the mountains. If you are considering moving to the mountains, there are a few specific factors you hav...

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Although Rusty Spurr Ranch has off-trail horseback riding and open-range cattle drives, we want to make everyone aware of the proper precautions to take when trail riding on a single track. Many other stables utilize single track trails that are often multi-use, public Forest Service trails. The tra...

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