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Rusty Spurr Ranch Blog

Life in The Mountains

Posted by Rusty Spurr on Aug 11, 2020 under Breckenridge, Colorado, Horseback Riding, Horses, Mountains, Rusty Spurr Ranch, Vacation The mountains of Colorado showcase the appeal of the state with the open skies and limitless greenery, as well as the fascinating wildlife that makes a common appearance wherever you might live in the mountains. If you are considering moving to the mountains, there are a few specific factors you have to take into consideration. First, consider the extreme weather of high altitude living. There is less oxygen in the air up here so those with respiratory illnesses or difficulty breathing might find that they do not thrive. Our summers are dry and have mild temperatures so it’s never too hot to play outside. However winter at elevation can test even the most avid of outdoorsmen. Expect much more snowfall, colder temperatures, and a longer winter in general than lower elevation areas….

Family-Owned Horseback Riding with Rusty Spurr Ranch

Posted by Rusty Spurr on Sep 09, 2020 under Breckenridge, Colorado, Horseback Riding, Horses, Horse Stables, Rusty Spurr Ranch, Vacation The Rusty Spurr Ranch, which vistors come to know and love, is a family owned business. You might be wondering what that means for you as a customer. At our family owned business, we have a level of commitment to our ranch and customers which is rarely found in corporate businesses. We have a deep respect for all our animals and take care of them with love, since they are a part of our family as well. Because we are a small group that works together and supports each other in all the daily ranch activities and duties, we find a genuine comraderie amongst the staff and owners. We often have closer relationships with the people who come to the ranch because we treat them like family. Any guest that visits…