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Stefanie Jones’ Daily Blast LIVE and the Rusty Spurr Ranch!

Posted by Rusty Spurr on Dec 02, 2019 under Breckenridge, Colorado, Rusty Spurr Ranch

We love all our cowgirls and cowboys who dream of going horseback riding. For Stefanie Jones, her fantasy of being a real life cowgirl came true. Upon arriving at our very own Rusty Spurr Ranch she expresses her excitement at all the horses and how it looked like a movie scene. Whenever anyone comes to our ranch to experience the enjoyment of horseback riding, we hope they react with the pure joy that Stefanie Jones did. We welcome anyone and everyone to participate in this all-around fun activity. Even if horseback riding isn’t for you, we like to think that our gentle horses and friendly staff will make your time at our ranch delightful. One activity that we highly recommend is a cattle drive. Stefanie participated in one of our cattle drives and she gave a glowing review. The cattle drives work by applying pressure to the herd wherever you are. Since cows always move away from pressure, the cows can be maneuvered to where you want them to go. After pushing the cows to the final destination, a fenced open field, you can admire the stunning scenery that surrounds and is intertwined in all our cattle drives and trekking. Stefenie noticed this and commented that the aspen trees, mountain range, and blue skies were, in her words, “just incredible.” Her opinion of our ranch and family is very important to us, as is the opinion of all our amazing patrons. It warmed our hearts when she stated that she would come to our ranch again and again and again. We loved Stefanie Jones’ Daily Blast LIVE and hope to see you all at the Rusty Spurr Ranch!

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