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The Cowboy Culture is a symbol of American West

Posted by Rusty Spurr on May 10, 2020 under Colorado, Horses, Rusty Spurr Ranch
The cowboy is a symbol of the American West culture and dates back more than two centuries. The traditional cowboy that we are familiar with today arose in the nineteenth century. Cowboys were important historical figures during the era of westward expansion in the United States. The origin of the cowboy tradition came from Spain, linking all the way back to the hacienda system in medieval times. This became a well known style of cattle ranching which spread throughout much of the Iberian peninsula and was later imported to the Americas. Although cowboys originated in Spain, American cowboys created their own reputation and style. Their iconic lifestyle has been glamorized but in reality it can be grueling work that is not for the faint of heart. By the beginning of the 1700s, ranching made its way to what is now Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and as far south as Argentina.

When California missions started in 1769, the livestock practices were more integrated into western areas. By the late 1800s the iconic symbols of hats, bandanas, spurs, lassos, stirrups, and lariats were widespread ideas of what the cowboy culture looked like. Today, real cowboy culture means living the ranching lifestyle. There are still many places where the cowboy culture is alive today and one of them is here in Colorado. Our state is known for it’s beautiful mountains as well as it’s ranches; we are the tenth-largest cattle producing state in the nation with almost 3 million head of cattle. Therefore, we have strong memories and connections with the cowboy lifestyle. We here at Rusty Spurr Ranch keep the cowboy culture alive and make the experience as genuine as possible for everyone that rides with us.