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Trail Etiquette

Posted by Rusty Spurr on Jun 10, 2020 under Horses, Rusty Spurr Ranch, Trail Ride
Horseback trail riding is a fun adventure, and to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the ride, there are certain expectations that should be followed. The riders themselves are expected to keep at least a horse length apart from the rider in front of you or to the side in case of sudden movements from the horse near you or in case your horse gets spooked. Everyone in the group should try to stay within sight of each other to ensure safety of all riders. If your equipment needs to be altered, do not stay silent, as it could cause future accidents. Instead, alert the lead rider and move to the side and out of the way of the rest of the group. As a rule for the rest of the riders, if someone in your group needs assistance, leave enough room for the lead rider to get near them so they can assist your fellow horseback rider. Another important aspect of safe riding is making sure you have control of your horse at all times. Have a firm grip on your reins so that they don’t slip out of your hand (but do not pull on the reins unless you need to slow down or stop) and manage your horse’s actions with patience, consistency and leadership. Your horse is looking to you to be the “driver” so never take your mind off your mount; otherwise the horse has to take charge as the driver and this is mistaken many times for a stubborn or misbehaved horse. It’s often not the horse’s fault but the rider who is not paying attention and not guiding the horse. This is what really makes a difference in your horse riding experience. Also. never take off at a gallop without alerting the other riders. Horses want to stay together and if one horse runs, they all will out of herd instincts. All these regulations will help to make your riding experience smoother and safer for everyone. Here at Rusty Spurr Ranch, we want you to be able to have an amazing experience but we also want you to be safe. We hope that you can put what you’ve learned into use when you visit our very own Rusty Spurr Ranch.