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Life in The Mountains

Posted by Rusty Spurr on Aug 11, 2020 under Breckenridge, Colorado, Horseback Riding, Horses, Mountains, Rusty Spurr Ranch, Vacation
The mountains of Colorado showcase the appeal of the state with the open skies and limitless greenery, as well as the fascinating wildlife that makes a common appearance wherever you might live in the mountains. If you are considering moving to the mountains, there are a few specific factors you have to take into consideration. First, consider the extreme weather of high altitude living. There is less oxygen in the air up here so those with respiratory illnesses or difficulty breathing might find that they do not thrive. Our summers are dry and have mild temperatures so it’s never too hot to play outside. However winter at elevation can test even the most avid of outdoorsmen. Expect much more snowfall, colder temperatures, and a longer winter in general than lower elevation areas. Another thing to take into consideration is the distance from amenities such as the store or activity centers. Many mountain communities will not have the stores or cultural centers that urban areas have and those stores that are available can be over an hours drive away. Depending on where you might want to live, the cost of mountain property can vary greatly. Near the ski resorts, expect to pay a very high premium on real estate. In the more rural areas, you can still find somewhat affordable property if you’re willing to live remotely. Despite these factors, the mountains of Colorado are truly a natural paradise from the forested slopes to deserted peaks where plants and animals roam freely across the less populated areas. The guaranteed privacy and unbeatable views of the landscape and the night sky make it a dream come true for anyone looking for peaceful and relaxed living. However it’s not just relaxing as Colorado has endless outdoor activities like horseback riding and rafting for when you want to get out of the house and have some fun. The charm of the mountains makes you feel like you are on a permanent vacation, as there is a feeling of comfort that you just can’t find in the city or in the suburbs. The freshness of waking up to the crisp morning air and sounds of nature is rivaled only by the new discoveries you can make everyday.