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The Rusty Spurr Ranch began in 2001 with the idea to deliver the most authentic and unique horseback experience in the Rocky Mountains. The current owner, Han Smith, acquired the business in 2004 after working for the previous owners as one of the original guides. His passion for Western heritage, ranching, and horsemanship culminated in a desire to share this lifestyle with those who have always wanted to experience the cowboy way. Joining him on this adventure back in 2004, Connie Smith assisted in many aspects of growing the business into what it is today. You will probably see their young son Wyatt assisting his dad on a cattle drive or telling guests about his favorite horses. The Rusty Spurr Ranch takes pride in being a small, family-run business where everyone participates in the day-to-day operations. Our staff, though small, excels at giving our guests the kind of personal, Western touch that so many outfits have forgotten. While we are always hoping to add new and exciting features to our list of activities, we are most concerned with maintaining a close, personal interaction with each and every guest that joins us here at the Rusty Spurr. If you've ridden with us before we hope you come visit us again soon, and if you've never been here before we hope you'll give us the opportunity to (as so many of our guests have said) "spoil you" with a ride you won't soon forget.


Interested parties should send an e-mail to: jobs@rustyspurr.com.

In addition to some brief text explaining why you are interested in working at the Rusty Spurr Ranch, applicants should also attach a professional resume with a minimum of 5 professional references.  

To find out more about what working as a Rusty Spurr wrangler entails, feel free to browse any of the following documents.

- WRANGLER - Position Description
- WRANGLER - Dress Code
- WRANGLER - Required Gear

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