Trail Rides

We do not offer any Double-riding with a parent or any pony rides. The minimum age for Trail Rides is 7 years old.

Trail Rides - 1 Hour

  • $50/PERSON
  • Check-In 2:30pm 
  • Departs 3:00pm 

Trail Rides - 2 Hour

  • $75/PERSON
  • Morning and afternoon ride times offered.

Trail Rides - 3 Hour

  • $115/PERSON
  • Check-in 9:00 a.m
  • Departing 9:30 a.m

What better way to view the beauty of Colorado's wilderness than from the back of a horse? Our small ride sizes and non-nose-to-tail rides ensure that our guests receive the personal attention they deserve to have a truly interactive horseback experience. Our remote location, conveniently accessed from scenic Highway 9, ensures the preservation of the same wildlife and landscape that the first settlers discovered in the 19th century. It is not uncommon for guests to encounter deer, elk, antelope and other large game on our rides. You won't find noise from condo construction or other activities here; we are 5 miles from the nearest pavement. The whispering of the wind and the steady beat of your horses hooves are all that you will hear as they carry you through forests of aspen and pine to the breathtaking, mountaintop vista of six different mountain ranges and back down through the fragrant, sage-filled high plains desert.


  • All rides require advanced reservations to ensure availability.
  • We include a 10% gratuity for parties of 7 or more. For unaccompanied children, we include a 15% gratuity. For groups of 8 or more, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% deposit.
  • Private rides require a two-person minimum.
  • Age minimums are 12 for Cattle Drives and 7 for Trail Rides.
  • Availability for riders over 230 lbs is limited. Horses cannot accomodate riders over 300 lbs.
  • All reservations are subject to a 48-hour cancellation policy.
  • We ride in all weather including rain and snow. 
  • Weather cancellations shall be exclusively the decision of the Rusty Spurr Ranch.
  • Please leave your dogs at home! We love dogs and do not wish to see them left in a hot car. Non-ranch dogs pose a safety risk around horses.
  • Please remember that the weather patterns in this area are highly localized and more often than not it is sunny here when it is raining in the ski area towns.