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Ride with the Rusty Spurr Ranch and experience the best horseback riding Breckenridge CO and the surrounding area has to offer. Our friendly staff, knowledgeable guides, and safe mounts create the perfect vacation getaway. We provide the horses and stunning backdrop; you get to relax and create lasting memories. Take a look at our outstanding reviews and we hope you will be headed up the ranch road soon!

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Brad and Christa

Thanks to Han and Connie for an amazing experience.  Being east coast riders, it was a real privilege to get a chance to ride in such beautiful, different country.  The professionalism and courtesy you exhibited while guiding folks of such diverse riding levels was really impressive and appreciated.  There was an actual feeling of accomplishment that you just don’t get on a ‘head to tail’ trail ride.  We had such a great time that we did 3 drives in one week!  Had we a longer vacation, we would have come back yet again!  We will definitely visit Rusty Spur again on our next trip out to Colorado.

Thanks again,

Brad and Christa

Kay, Angel, & Gina

Just a quick note to thank you so much for the wonderful time we had driving cattle today -- a beautiful day of sagebrush and sunshine! Han and Seth were gracious, informative and meticulous about every rider's safety. Today certainly left all other trail rides in the dust.

Thank you again for a wonderful time.
Kay Walker, Golden, CO
Gina Kothe, St. Louis, MO
Angel Kothe, St. Louis, MO

PS: Safe travels back east, Seth!


Hi! It's Rachel from the Spence family from Atlanta, GA (Robert, Sandy, and Zach, Sunday August 2nd) . I just wanted to say thank you for the great ride. I grew up riding in an arena and have ridden nose-to-tail on vacations so it was beyond refreshing to be able to spread out in open pasture and just ride. The ranch and horses were beautiful and everyone was so nice. I'm already trying to convince my parents to go back! If you need a photographer, graphic designer, or any type of artist/horse help for that matter, I am taking a semester off of school this fall and looking for something worthwhile to do! Regardless, I hope you continue to gain a loyal following because it's really nice to see a group with such good intentions.

Thanks again, Rachel.

Kelly and Bobby

Dear Connie,
We just wanted to thank everyone again for a wonderful trail ride. This was the 3rd time in a year for us, each time bringing a different group to the ranch. Once again we were able to wow our guests with the awesome views and fun, relaxing trail ride. You never let us down! Everyone is so friendly and makes us all feel so welcome.

Thank you and your guides for allowing us to share this true Colorado experience!

Kelly and Bobby Smith
Rocky Mountain Clothing Company

Roberta and Laura

Just wanted you to know we had a fantastic 2 hour ranch ride yesterday!  The weather was perfect and the horses wonderful.  Well my horse liked to roll his head around but that was part of the fun.   Seth was a great guide showing us the eagle's nest and taking us through the aspen groves while giving us some local history and lore.   We really liked how we didn't have to ride "nose-to-tail" and were encouraged to spread out - we even got to trot a bit going up a hill .  The ranch is huge and the sagebrush and flowers beautiful because of all the rain we've had lately.   The hamburger lunch was yummy and the staff made us feel welcomed and special.  Thanks so much!  We will be back as this was by far the very best riding experience we've ever had as "flatlanders".  

Roberta and Laura Martin


Han, I've attached the best picture I took of the bear during our ride on Friday, June 5.  I wanted to thank you again for setting up and conducting a fantastic ride for us that day.  I had both of my sons, one of my sisters, and my best friend along on the cattle drive and they were all excited about the day's activities. 

The bear was the frosting on the cake and a couple of challenges by cow #618 provided the excitement!!  I appreciate your rolling out the proverbial red carpet for our party; they're still talking about it and I know it will serve as one of events in our collective lives that will serve as a lasting and cherished moment.

Thanks pardner,  Gary

Sara & Bob 

Dear, Han and Alex 

My husband and I visited Colorado for the first time last week. We weren't sure what we were going to do in Colorado, all we knew is We wanted to see the beautiful scenery and  go Horse back riding! We didn't realize that most of the places are closed  this time of year. I kept calling all over the place, and I finally found Rusty Spurrs.  First of all you guys couldn't of been  any nicer on the phone and your directions were excellent.  When we got to your ranch, the scenery was just unbelievable and unforgettable. I was a little nervous getting on a horse since I have only ridden twice but my fears were put to rest as soon as I talked with you guys!  Alex made the whole experience amazing with her patience and her knowledge of the surrounding area. I understand now why Alex came back to the ranch again this year. It is just amazing there on the ranch. It was so nice not to be in single file on the horses and be able to experience the sites through my own eyes.  My husband rode Rosco(the fast and adventurous horse), I rode Sassy (the stubborn always hungry horse, who did things at her on pace), both horses were very fitting for the two of us.  We haven't stopped  talking about our horseback riding adventure since we got home.  We have been telling everyone and anybody who will listen.  We are already talking about visiting Colorado next year, and your ranch will be our first stop.  Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and welcome while we were visiting  the ranch. Your hospitality and kindness will never be forgotten and neither will our horses. 

Thank you again,

Sara and Bob Neill

Candy Jones

I've been coming to the ranch now for several years. However, during the summer of 2008 I came out to the Ranch six times. Each time was more enjoyable than the last. Honestly, I still keep pictures of my Cattle Drives and Trail Rides handy for those stressful days at the office. I also enjoy your web site's gallery when ever I'm on a break. It really helps reduce the stress. I have enjoyed coming out to the ranch each year and devote my Colorado income tax return check just for my summer rides. This year you made my 52nd birthday extremely special as well.

I always have a wonderful time at the ranch with all of you and am really looking forward to coming out again this season.

THANK YOU SO MUCH,  for all you do!!!

Thanks to your philosophy about the horses and rider experience it seems that the wranglers, guests, horses, cows and dogs are always in good spirits at the ranch. Keep up the AWESOME work. See you in the spring.

Candy Jones
Denver Colorado


Hi Connie and Han,

We thoroughly enjoyed our Rusty Spurr Cattle Drive and wanted to thank you for providing us the inspiring experience...........git, gitup, doggie!    Betsy had previously only been a Connecticut eastern rider.  She now loves Colorado western.   Here's wishing you all the best with your business!   Bruce


Han & Team-

My husband Ryan & I were out to your ranch on September 6th or 7th for a trail ride. This is the first time I have been able to get my husband on a horse even though my family raises Quarter Horses!!!! We had the most wonderful time EVER!!!! I took several pictures which I would like to share with you.


Please look at the one very closely as it was a coyote that we saw on the drive out. Again, thank you and your team for a wonderful day that we will remember for years to come. Also, I rode Dilbert and hubby rode Badger........give em both a scratch from us here in Ohio!!!!



Hi Han, 

We had such an unbelievably good time on the cattle drives a few weeks ago that we wrote the following ideas on the plane ride home, and thought you might get a kick out of them. This might be the basis for an article someday, but for now it's just for fun. 

We'll see you again soon -- please let Dan and Sweet Pea know! 

Fowarding next a few pictures you might like to have. 




  • Pick a brave team
  • Don’t approach a bull head-on -- get to him through the herd
  • Focus on the main body of the herd first
  • Driving cattle is not about galloping around, but steady work
  • Yelling and screaming do not help -- that will only scare the herd
  • The herd members are different and have different interests and goals
  • The outliers will tend to follow the main body once it’s moving
  • Ride the horse you have, not the one you want
  • Assess the situation and develop a strategy first, then assign roles and drive
  • Enjoy the scenery
  • Effective communications between team members is key
  • Know when to quit
  • Have a reward ready for the team (in our case, it was pinot noir)
  • Trust the local experts to find the “barbed wire”
  • Be alert for gopher holes, barbed wire and coyotes
  • Sometimes cattle will mistake themselves for antelope
  • Take both the cow’s eye view and the horse’s eye view
  • Create only sufficient pressure to cause desired movement, and then back off

Jennifer C

Han, We had a great time!  Our butts were so sore the next day we thought it funny and complained all day about the pain.  I cannot believe the workout I got riding a horse.  The experience driving cattle was challenging and rewarding.  Your tip to keep kicking Ricochet until he did what I commanded worked like a charm and he followed my orders the rest of the trip!  Can you believe I was able to boss that beautiful giant animal around for 5 hours? Connie gave Laura and I a big hug as she said goodbye.  It may seem corny, but we liked the hug and appreciate Connie.  I hope your brother can join you from the East because he was also a joy to ride with and full of riding tips (like put some distance between you and that cow because she is squaring off w/your horse).  You provided a beautiful setting, yummy food, experienced horses, and talented wranglers. 

Thanks for providing us with this memorable experience that we will never forget.

Jennifer C

Brian, Angie & Dan B

It's now 8.45pm and we are still talking about our cattle drive experience.
Our son Dan was out on a visit from England and we wanted to give him a great day out on a horse ride and you achieved that for us.
We had a really awesome time today and just want to say thanks to everyone involved, particularly Jessie and Natalie, our wranglers.
They had us achieving things that we never thought possible!! We left on a high wanting to do it again, but we need to give our 'butts' a rest!! 
(dreading tomorrow when we get up).

Thanks again to all, looking forward to visiting you all again in the future.

Brian, Angie & Dan B

Kay B

Hi Han,

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you Thank-you for the ride at your Rusty Spur Ranch. We left quickly after the ride so I did not get to Thank-You personally. I did give Natalie a Tip, since she is a poor college student. Just wanted to say Thank-You, you were a very kind and personable guide. You and all of your staff were all hospitable. Not General Public Sour, if you know what I mean. The general public can be pretty frustrating at times.

I wish I could do the ride again, I would be more trusting of my horse.
She did a great job of taking care of her rider, not a misstep, or a bit of hurrying down those steep , rocky hills. A lot of horses could have been foolish with the idea of rushing home., or keeping up with her herdmates, or being separated slightly from her buddys. Thank-You again to you and your good help. I keep reviewing the beauty of the area, and how I enjoyed the ride. 

Kay B

Amy R

"Cattle Ride on Saturday"

I just wanted to thank you and Connie once more for a fun time on Saturday.

We had a blast and owe it to the way you run your ranch, the quality of the horses you have, and the way you let us ride. Plus, it was just interesting

to meet you two. It's rare where you go to a ranch and the wranglers are hip and fun.

Take care, and have a good summer.

Amy R

Balazs M

Hi Guys, 

I just wanted to say thanks again for the fantastic time on your ranch, it was very well guided and fun till the point that I could do it every weekend. Horses were great the setup was perfect. Wherever I go will tell about you guys and also will be back myself ASAP.

Here some pics I want to share:

Best Luck to All OF You
See you again
Balazs M

Heather G

This is Heather from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was up there to ride on the Cattle Drive on Wednesday, June 22nd. I wanted to send you a thank you for such an awesome experience. I wish we could have come back up on Thursday for a trail ride but we had to get to Vail and settled in and time was cutting short. I did go on a trail ride on Thursday and again Sunday but nothing compared to the expertise at the Rusty Spurr. I really had a great time and hope to come back again. I have been telling everyone about the experience I had. I have been spoiled and no trail ride will hold up to the ride I had at the Rusty Spurr. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy Trails and good luck to you all,

Heather G
Cincinnati, Ohio

To everyone!!!! 
Katy, Han, Jesse, Connie and ALLLLL whom we have forgotten your name but NOT your hospitality!!!

Thank you for your gracious Western Hospitality! Our Cattle Drive was a memory we will cherish!

We are sending you pictures of us so you will know which "wild women" we are talking about.....

Liz ( in the Blue Jacket), Janet (in the Red Jacket) and Lyn (in the Black Jacket)..... (I am sure you get several wild groups a year!) AND............

We have sent a special picture of Han! You know "they" say you tend to look like the animals you keep. HAN, I BELIEVE YOU ARE MORE OF A HORSEMAN THAN YOU THINK!!!!! 


Have a fabulous summer and we wish you much success!

Liz , Janet and Lyn

William M

Hi Han,

Missy & I had a wonderful time on your ranch! I hope Checkers is OK. As promised, I have added your site to www.alpinemajesty.com. If you would check the summer page, I cut and pasted from your site and would like your approval. We will be back.

Warmest Regards,

William M

Beth and Jay 

Thank you for the very enjoyable time

We just wanted to say thank you again. From the moment we called on the phone, to the ride back to the barn; we had such a great time. Everything was well organized, and we felt like we were part of the “cowboy” lifestyle. We are still talking about the cattle drive, and the Rusty Spurr Ranch to all of our friends. Keep up the great work, we look forward to seeing you again.

Beth and Jay 
Denver, Colorado

David and Lisa

Loved the ride!

Just wanted to let Connie know that we had a wonderful time on our ride.
We sincerely appreciate you being so patient with us during our first ride.
The scenery was absolutely breath taking and we will definitely come back
again in the future.

Thanks again for everything,
David and Lisa

P.S. Give a treat to Delbert and Cactus


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