Siesta Key Paddleboard Rental

Siesta Key Paddleboard Rental
If you’d like to experience Siesta key in a new and exciting way, consider a paddleboard rental. DriveSRQ offers the best and safest paddleboard rental services in the area, so you can enjoy Siesta key the way it was intended on being seen- from the water. 
There’s nothing quite like Stand Up Paddleboarding for adventure. No wonder it’s taken the area by storm! One of the benefits to paddle boarding is that regardless of your age or fitness level, you can get out on the water, get wet and enjoy some physical activity all while seeing the beauty of what the area affords. 
DRIVE makes your paddleboard adventure all that much better by providing their customers with a superior experience. They do not rent cheap, dented, moldy, warped or poorly designed paddle boards like the competition often does and DRIVE will not ask you to carry a stinky bright orange life jacket. Instead, they’ll provide you with inflatable PFDs, a brand name, lightweight, premium BOTE paddle board with a BOTE AXE paddle, a cooler with ice, a waterproof phone case and extra amenities if you should decide to rent those as well. 
Know what you’re getting into before you decide on a Siesta Key paddleboard rental. Most rental companies offer the same old boards under an array of different names. They’re basically just giant, unstable surfboards that are very difficult to maneuver. In contrast to these hard to use boards, DRIVE’s BOTE boards are engineered specifically to be Stand Up Paddleboards and are lighter, faster, safer and more stable on the water. Be sure you’re renting an authentic BOTE board before your head out on the water.
DRIVE offers SUP experiences by the hour at prices that are affordable. See the table below for their prices:
- $60 per paddleboard for 2 hours
- $80 per paddleboard for 3 hours
- $100 per paddleboard for 4 hours
- $30 per additional hour
If you’d like a customized Siesta key paddleboard rental experience, please call DRIVE at 941-586-8746 and speak with one of their friendly staff members. To maximize your Siesta Key paddleboard rental the following services are available:
- All paddleboard experiences include BOTE AXE paddle, PDS inflatable life jacket, cooler, ice, coil leash and protective case for your call
- Food, beverages, GoPro and instruction with a certified paddle fit instructor is available a’ la carte
- Each paddleboard experience will include Point to Point drop off and pick up on request
- 15 minutes of Dpadleboard basics and instruction is included with all experiences. Knowing proper paddleboard technique makes all the difference!
You’re going to love your Siesta Key paddleboard rental. Stand Up Paddleboarding allows you to explore rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds and coastlines from a different vantage point and provides a great workout too. It’s easy and fun for all ages and fitness levels to enjoy paddleboarding.
To learn more about a Siesta Key paddleboard rental, visit online at and book your rental early to ensure that your preferred dates are available. 

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