Online Hitting Coach

Online Hitting Coach

If your kid loves baseball, getting them the right training from the start is essential. That’s because if they don't practice the correct plays and develop poor hitting techniques, they may burn out quickly, get frustrated, and even end up quitting early.

That’s where we at Vaughn Sports Academy can help you out. We are committed to providing personal baseball coaches to young talents who teach them the right techniques, nourish talent, and develop sportsman spirit.

How It Works

We are one of the finest sports academies in the industry because we were formed out of an insane passion for baseball. Our founder, Mo ‘The Hit Dog’ Vaughn was one of the most feared hitters in the Boston Red Sox batting. He has since evolved from his industrious career 12-year career in Major League Baseball to become 'Coach Mo,' a trainer dedicated to making young athletes the best they can be.

At Vaughn Sports Academy, your child has access to both in-person and online baseball coaches so they can learn anywhere, at any time.

What You Need

All you need is an internet connection and an email account to sign up for free access to our ‘Hit it Like a Pro’ baseball training videos. Our step-by-step guide reveals how to achieve the right bat path and launch angle that can make your kid an unexcelled hitter, all via rigorous training at home.

If you live at or near Boca Raton, Florida and prefer to get your child live personal training, we can provide you with exactly what you need! You can choose from our vast array of baseball coaches for hire, select your appointment type, and book the date. We enthusiastically look forward to meeting your young athlete and making them the best of the best!

What To Expect

Beyond our training videos, we also offer digital lessons, blogs and printable guides to create a full-fledged training course for your child. Our teaching guides embody the spirit of our academy because they not only focus on professional development but personal growth.

Your online hitting coach will help your child:

Build tenacity

Value teamwork

Shape character

Develop discipline with consistent practice

Understand the game from all angles

How to Prepare Yourself

To fully benefit from our online coaching services, make sure you have proper training equipment at home so that your child can play along with the videos. Having a baseball bat, protective equipment, and gloves are essential for proper practice.

Luckily, we have excellent sports gear your kid will love – it's affordable, stylish, and durable. Shop our products today:

Moreover, you should ensure that you have an open space where they can comfortably practice their hits – your backyard or even a park would do great! Practice with them every day so they learn the skills off the back of their hand and perform exceptionally when the big games come!

If you want to book an online hitting coach or in-person sessions, visit our site or call us at 561-650-9304 for further inquiries.

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Online Hitting Coach
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