Guns for sale Washington

Guns for sale Washington

At WGS Guns Inc. we are more than just a family owned and operated online firearms retailer. We are also advisors in knowing defense methods and in choosing the best brands of guns. That is why today we want to give you a couple of tips on how to choose the ideal gun for your defense.


Although the size, weight and design of handguns make them the most common option when choosing a self-defense weapon (they are not very uncomfortable or difficult to conceal), this forces them to use a weaker cartridge that allows them to be fired several times with some ease.

Choose a caliber

Choosing the caliber of a pistol is a hot source of debate among the most skilled users of these firearms. Although the stopping power of pistols is considerably weaker than that of long guns, you'll want to choose one that is well-informed to best advantage.

Short calibers such as .380s, 9mm, etc. execute shots with higher velocity and reduced recoil that allow for faster shots, higher capacity barrels (or shorter structured shots) and higher velocity bullets.


Handguns come in all shapes and sizes. From revolvers that are 3 or 5 centimeters long to the comically named "handguns" that can be 30 or more centimeters long.

Those expecting to carry a concealed handgun almost always prefer a lightweight polymer covered firearm over a heavy metal cover as the weight of the weapon can become obtrusive over time. However, there are thick gun belts that can lessen the effect of weight. Small handguns can also be concealed, as they are easier to hide under clothing.


Pistols represent handguns with more modern technology than revolvers (although John Browning invented the idea of a barrel with a closed slide in about 1900). Many legal and military forces around the world rely on pistols for defense because of their size.


Revolvers have been a popular firearm since they were invented. Their ultra-simple mechanisms make them easy to manufacture, and their basic design has been the same for hundreds of years.

Revolvers allow you to fire four to eight rounds consecutively without having to reload. The ammunition is stored in a piece of metal called a "cylinder" that rotates when the pistol is cocked or the trigger is pulled (depending on the "action" of the revolver).

Conclusion about handguns

Handguns require skill and practice to use. If you are not willing to put the time and effort into learning these skills, don't endanger others by trying to use one under pressure. Handgun marksmanship is considered a sport as it takes training and requires skill.

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WGS Guns is a family business dedicated to the sale and distribution of guns and personal defense equipment online. By accessing our online catalog you will not only see the best brands of guns, but also guns at low prices.

Enter our web portal and choose what equipment and weapons best suits your needs, we will have the solution. 

Guns for sale Washington
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Guns for sale Washington
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