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Best Beach Resorts In Costa Rica

There are many unique places around the globe that you can select when you want to set out for an adventure. However, many people are finding that locating the best beach resorts in Costa Rica brings them the ultimate vacation destination. This is the type of trip that will bring you a broad range of adventures and fun, along with all of the relaxation you are looking for. When you book your trip with PEXS, you will have all of the access you need to the finest rentals and resorts to make the most of your vacation dollars.

When you start thinking about your trip, you may wonder what part of Costa Rica has the best beaches or where is the best resort to stay in Costa Rica. Not only will we go over all of the options that are available to you, but we also want to help you have some tips to keep handy when you are planning your trip with us. 


PEXS features a team that will address whatever needs you may have that pertain to entertainment, helping you learn what side of Costa Rica is best, and choosing a resort that falls in line with your budget. We will also discuss the costs that you may incur when booking your flight, ground transportation, and any travel insurance coverage that you are interested in. 


We are known for being one of the top-rated beach resorts in Costa Rica, which means that we offer the best accommodations and finest amenities in the industry today. During the planning of your trip, we can discuss the size and type of room or rental you are interested in and make sure that you have the accommodations you are looking for. The goal is to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime when answering the question of, “Where should I stay in Costa Rica beaches?” 


Are you interested in playing golf or is tennis more of your thing? Whether you are hoping to enjoy a round or a game, or you want to relax with your toes in the sand, we have the experiences and adventures you need to complete your vacation. Our Ocean Adventures experience allows our guests to learn more about the beaches and marine life that Costa Rica is known for. We also have the Prieta Beach Club, where you can get away from it all and soak in the sun while truly relaxing and recharging. If food and drink are always at the top of your priority list, then we can talk with you about food and drink experiences to include signature restaurants, oceanfront venues, and more.

At PEXS, we want to make sure that you have the ability to take in the best beach resorts in Costa Rica along with the finest beaches in the area. Simply get in touch with us to learn about the resorts and availability or to ask any questions you may have in regards to planning your big adventure. We are the number one way to see Costa Rica and experience all that the region has to offer.

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