Outline Three


  • 8:30 a.m.  Arrive at the Rusty Spurr Ranch Cow Camp for check-in.  All participants must sign waivers.
  • 8:30-9:00 a.m. Wranglers will get acquainted with guests to best match each guest with an appropriate horse.  The group will be given verbal instructions on how they will be expected to handle cattle while horseback.  Along with instructions on how to move cattle, teams will be instructed on how focal points will be incorporated into the cattle drive.   Two teams will be assembled by wranglers, in the interest of ensuring that allparticipants have the opportunity to be thoroughly involved in moving the cattle. 
  • 9:00  a.m. Mount-up and ride out of camp as group after tutorial on how to handle a cow horse.
  • Upon locating cattle, the group will break into teams to gather cattle, during this time wranglers will provide a working demonstration and instruction.
  • Once the herd is gathered, the cattle will be moved by the whole group (both teams) to an area where the cattle can be held and settled.  The wranglers will continue to help move the cattle and demonstrate methods during this time as well to help create a sound understanding of how to effectively move cattle.  During this portion of the ride participants should begin taking note of their own strengths and weaknesses (as horsemen/women) as well as those of the rest of their 6 person team.
  • Once the cows are settled, a team will be assigned the task of moving the whole herd to a new location.  They will be given 5 minutes to discuss their strategy, make a plan and act on it.  They will be timed and judged on their progress.  During this time the second team will observe the first team’s efforts and discuss ways to emulate their strengths and improve on their weaknesses
  • Each team will get 2 opportunities to move cattle while wranglers take note, ensuring that each team has the benefit of learning from experience and observation.  Each team will face similar obstacles and challenges during their time frames. Wranglers cannot help!  However, wranglers will be present at all times to help with horse-related issues and to ensure safety.
  • Penalties will be assessed for inefficiently moving cattle by cowboy standards, e.g. How well did the cattle stay together, how quickly did the cattle reach their destination without the herd running (weight loss is bad in the beef industry), how organized was the herd (where are your calves?).  Timing and judging will be two of the primary means for tracking the groups’ progress and learning curve.
  • 12:00-1:00 p.m. return to Cow Camp for Western Lunch and short debriefing

Rusty Spurr recommendations for the best ride possible:

  • Long pants and  jackets
  • Sun protection (sunblock, sunglasses, caps, etc.)
  • Water
  • Cameras are a MUST!
  • Sneakers or cowboy boots strongly recommended
  • Hiking boots or other heavy treaded footwear are discouraged
  • NO sandals or clogs

The horses have a 230 lb. Weight limit
We ride in all weather.  Weather cancellations shall be the exclusive decision of the Rusty Spurr Ranch.

Current Weather

Fair Fair
41.0° F
Barometric Pressure
30.37 mB


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