Cattle Drives


  • $220/Person*, offered early June through mid-September
  • No meals are included
  • Minimum age required is 12 years old (helmets required for 12 year olds and provided free of charge upon check-in at the ranch)
  • Check-In at 8:30 a.m. Departs 9:00 a.m.

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Rusty Spurr Ranch Cattle Drives
Real Cattle, Real Dirt, Real Work

Get real with a cattle drive where YOU are actually doing the drive. Our guests take part in and actually help move the cattle herd on horseback with us, not watching us. We will coach you on working around the cattle safely and how to get them moved successfully. What makes this activity genuinely special is that its very nature allows beginner to advanced riders to ride to their individual ability levels. This is also a great Team Building event for businesses or reunions and a terrific opportunity for groups with mixed riding abilities! Some prior riding experience is important for all participants as this is not your typical trail ride. The drive involves 3 ½ - 4 hours of riding rugged terrain without any breaks. Participants should be active and in good physical health to be able to complete the activity safely. We are one of only a handful of equestrian stables in the West that offer authentic cattle drives to the public. Talk about an amazing adventure across 10,000 acres!

The minimum age for this activity is 12. Helmets are required for all 12 year olds and provided free of charge at check-in.


Policies- See FAQ page for more detailed information

  • Weight limit varies as we go by a Body Mass Index of 34 or less. So as an example, if a rider is 5'1", they cannot exceed 180 pounds. It is a height/weight combination that matters for guest and horse safety. In addition, the maximum they can carry is 230 pounds if you are a tall guest (at least 5'9"). If you are close to the limit, please call to check for availability. We weigh riders privately at check-in and if you exceed the limits WITH your clothes and shoes on, you cannot ride and no refunds are given. It is your responsibility to know your current weight/BMI before arriving at the ranch to avoid any dissapointments. We have had to turn people away at check-in and want to avoid this situation.
  • Age minimums are 12 years old for Cattle Drives and 8 years old for Trail Rides.
  • Please leave your dogs at home! We love dogs and do not wish to see them left in a hot car. Non-ranch dogs pose a safety risk around horses.
  • We ride in all weather including rain and snow.
  • Weather cancellations shall be at the sole discretion of the Rusty Spurr Ranch.
  • Please remember that the weather patterns in this area are highly localized and more often than not it is sunny here when it is raining in the ski area towns. Check out our 5 day local weather forecast on the Home Page.
  • All rides require advanced reservations to ensure availability.
  • All reservations are subject to a 48-hour cancellation policy.
  • Private rides require a two-person minimum, or the single guest pays for 2 riders.
  • We add a 10% gratuity for parties of 7 or more. For unaccompanied children, we add a 15% gratuity. Groups of 9 or more have a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% cancellation charge anytime after booking as large groups reserve many of our resources and are harder to fill last-minute.

Rusty Spurr recommendations for the best ride possible:

  • Long pants and jackets or layers
  • Bug Spray, sunblock and a water bottle
  • Cameras are a MUST!
  • Sneakers or cowboy boots strongly recommended
  • NO sandals, clogs or high heels. NO heavily treaded hiking boots as they won’t fit in the stirrups
  • Backpacks not recommended; we provide saddle bags on each horse
*Prices subject to change at any time


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Northeast at 3.5 MPH (3 KT)

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