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Posted by Rusty Spurr on Jun 10, 2020 under , ,

Trail riding is a fun adventure, and to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the ride there are certain expectations that should be followed. The riders themselves are expected to keep at least a horse length back from the rider in front of you in case of sudden movements from the horse in fr...

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The cowboy is a symbol of American West culture and dates back more than two centuries. The traditional cowboy that we are familiar with today arose in the nineteenth century. Cowboys were important historical figures during the era of westward expansion in the United States. The origin of the cowbo...

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If you or a loved one has been to our Rusty Spurr Ranch and fell in love with horseback riding you’re not the only one! In case a trip to Summit and Grand Counties Colorado is too long of a trip for you, or you want your very own horse, this blog is dedicated to you. We are going to review the pri...

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What you decide to wear horseback riding can make or break whether you have fun or not. It's hard to enjoy the ride and the view when you are too busy trying to fix your clothes or thinking about how uncomfortable you are. The most important thing to wear is long pants. This is most important becaus...

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