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The Rusty Spurr Ranch, which vistors come to know and love, is a family owned business. You might be wondering what that means for you as a customer. At our family owned business, we have a level of commitment to our ranch and customers which is rarely found in corporate businesses. We have a deep r...

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If you or a loved one has been to the Rusty Spurr Ranch and fell in love with horseback riding, you’re not the only one! In case a trip to Summit and Grand Counties Colorado is too long of a trip for you, or you want your very own horse, this blog is dedicated to you. We are going to review the pr...

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What you decide to wear horseback riding can make or break whether you have fun or not. It's hard to enjoy the ride and the view when you are too busy trying to fix your clothes or thinking about how uncomfortable you are. The most important thing to wear is long pants. This is the most important it...

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