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Posted by Rusty Spurr on Jun 10, 2020 under , ,

Trail riding is a fun adventure, and to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the ride there are certain expectations that should be followed. The riders themselves are expected to keep at least a horse length back from the rider in front of you in case of sudden movements from the horse in front of you or your horse suddenly galloping. Everyone in the group should remain at the same gait and speed to prevent possible accidents or confrontations. If your equipment needs to be altered, do not stay silent, as it could cause future accidents. Instead, alert the lead rider and move to the side and out of the way of the rest of the group. As a rule for the rest of the riders, if someone in your group needs assistance, leave enough room for the lead rider to pass so they can assist your fellow horseback rider. All these regulations will help to make your riding experience smoother and safer for everyone. Here at Rusty Spurr Ranch we want you to be able to have an awesome time but we also want you to be safe. Another to ensure your safety include holding your reins tight and being strict and certain with the direction of your horse. This can prevent your horse from stopping, suddenly speeding up, and other actions that can affect you and others. This is not etiquette but it really makes a difference in your horse riding experience. We hope that you can put what you've learned into use when you visit our very own Rusty Spur Ranch. 


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