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What you decide to wear horseback riding can make or break whether you have fun or not. It's hard to enjoy the ride and the view when you are too busy trying to fix your clothes or thinking about how uncomfortable you are. The most important thing to wear is long pants. This is the most important item because your legs rub against the saddle while riding, so if you're wearing shorts or a skirt it will be VERY uncomfortable. We also recommend wearing layers so that you can maintain a comfortable body temperature when you are riding. During our riding season, it can get fairly hot and cold here in Colorado, so being able to adapt to the weather is important. Wearing sneakers or cowboy boots is strongly recommended. Good shoes and boots help protect your feet if they get stepped on as well as help prevent your feet from sliding through the stirrups if you fall off the horse while riding. Some of the things you should bring with you should include a water bottle, sunblock, and bug spray. We provide saddle bags on every saddle to carry essential items on the ride. It can get pretty hot on the rides and bringing water makes sure that you stay hydrated; similarly the sun block is a necessity to prevent you from sunburn. The bug spray is more important during our early season to help those sensitive to bug bites when riding in areas that mosquitoes can occur. Now you can put your newfound knowledge to good use when you come horsebacking riding at Rusty Spurr Ranch!


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